Problems with the spine, whether in the back, back or cervical region, have multiple causes. Our physiotherapists can help you determine the exact cause of your pain. In the vast majority of cases, we will have to consider two important elements.

First, we want to understand your problem in order to determine which tissue or part of your body is causing pain, where the inflammation, irritation, and / or wear and tear is. For example, this painful structure can be a crushed disc, a herniated disc, a pinched nerve, an inflamed or “osteoarthritis” facet joint, a stretched muscle or ligament.

Second, we will attempt to correct your “mechanical” weaknesses that are responsible for or perpetuating the inflammation and irritation in your tissues. These “mechanical” weaknesses can be a lack of strength or muscle tone, poor joint stability, inadequate muscle tension, lack of flexibility, poor postural hygiene, poor lifestyle, etc. In order to address all aspects of your problem we offer a combination of the following treatments:

HIP Clinic

Reduction of muscle pain and tension by the use of needles under the dermis (UASD)


Correction of joint disturbances and dysfunctions using the McKenzie technique * and manual therapy


Spinal decompression by the use of needles under the dermis (UASD)


Teaching of specific therapeutic exercises for neuromuscular control, stabilization and strengthening


Precise medical explanations of the nature of your problem. Education on postural hygiene and ergonomic rules

We have McKenzie certification – Mechanical Diagnosis Therapy. This approach, the basis of which is taught in the majority of university programs, is one of the most supported by scientific studies for the assessment and treatment of spinal problems. The McKenzie Institute actively supports scientific research and presents international conferences each year bringing together physicians, physiotherapists and orthopedic surgeons. The McKenzie approach is taught in over 30 countries.