Calcifications and calcified tendonitis

Calcification happens when calcium builds up in body tissue, blood vessels, or organs. This buildup can harden and disrupt your body’s normal processes. Calcium is transported through the bloodstream. It’s also found in every cell. As a result, calcification can occur in almost any part of the body.

Our iontophoresis protocol for calcified tendonitis

It is common to try iontophoresis treatments with acetic acid and ultrasound to decrease calcifications in cases of calcified tendonitis. It is indeed a treatment that has been shown to be effective in the scientific literature. On the other hand, the protocols currently used in physiotherapy clinics are ineffective. The main reason for this ineffectiveness is that, for monetary and organizational reasons, the parameters established in the studies are not respected. The DynaX Physio clinic is proud to offer a treatment option for calcified tendonitis that is truly scientifically based.

Here is a comparative table of the proposed approaches:

Settings Clinic X Studies* Dynax Physio
Number of tx / weeks 2 to 3 5 5
Number of tx weeks 3 to 4 5 6
Cost Estimated: between $ 400 and $ 1000 Estimated: $ 1,500 $ 750
Constant re-evaluation every week and adjustment of tx parameters Rarely Reassessment : yes

Parameter adjustment : no
Dry needle treatment (UASD) 1x / wk No No Always
Correction and weekly progression of a custom exs program
of strengthening, flexibility and stability
Sometimes No Always
Time spent on patient assessment 30 to 60 minutes Unknown 60 to 75 minutes
No matter whether your condition was caused by a sport, work
accident or otherwise, we welcome the chance to serve you