Physiotherapic Punctures

Physiotherapeutic puncture with dry needles (PPAS) or Use of needles under the dermis (UASD)

Physiotherapic Punctures With Dry Needles

Physiotherapeutic puncture with dry needles (PPAS) or the use of needles under the dermis (UASD) is an emerging practice that is increasingly popular throughout the world in the field of physiotherapy. The term “dry needles” describes a technique without injection. It is also distinguished from “Asian” acupuncture (see explanation below). The method using dry needles under the dermis is performed with sterile, fine, solid filament needles. She does not use tissue injections.

The dry needle technique is based on modern knowledge in human anatomy and on scientific research in pathophysiology, musculoskeletal and neurology. Sterile needles are inserted into muscles and various tissues to stimulate a response of the nervous and immune systems. The “micro-lesions” created activate physiological processes that stimulate tissue repair, release muscle tension and reduce pain and inflammation. This technique is particularly effective for reducing muscle tension, but also for several other pathologies (see the list of conditions that can be treated below)

The methods used at our clinic present a powerful alternative to several neuro-musculoskeletal problems.

Our treatment techniques produce rapid, specific and unique results that cannot be achieved with other medical or alternative therapies.

What conditions can be treated?

Dry needles are particularly effective in relieving muscle tension as well as headaches. They are also effective in treating other conditions, for example:

– headaches and migraines

– lumbar / back / cervical sprains and back pain / back pain / neck pain / sciatica / herniated discs

– plantar fasciitis and Lenoir’s spine

– sprains as well as tendonitis, bursitis, tendinopathies and epicondylitis

– muscle pains felt following a traffic accident

I have already received acupuncture treatments. Is it the same? Are the results the same?

The physiotherapeutic dry needle puncture technique (PPAS) or the use of needles under the dermis (UASD), or the insertion of solid filament needles into the body, is based on modern medicine and its knowledge of neurology. , physiology and immunology. The use of needles under the dermis aims to deactivate points of muscular tension, to regulate the inflammatory process as well as to stimulate the nervous and immune systems. Traditional Chinese acupuncture is based on ancient Chinese concepts of inserting needles along energy channels (meridians) to balance the flow of Chi (life energy / breath). Although the two approaches share certain therapeutic goals, theoretical concepts, assessment and treatment methods

Does it hurt?

Each needle insertion does not produce the same sensation. In some cases, you won’t feel a thing. Other times you will feel a muscle twitch, pinching, burning, or cramping. This sensation lasts only a few seconds. Some people experience immediate relief from their symptoms. Others may have to wait a few hours or days before feeling the full effects of the treatment. Sometimes there is a temporary increase in pain which is normal since the needles cause temporary “micro-lesions”. These heal quickly and are very important because they are the main mechanism of action of dry needles.